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SIMPLICITY. this is the word i want to start with. this compilation is instead of a normal "faq", "fga" or "about" sections of almost every "normal" www. all the tracks i rather randomly chose from the vaults of mik.musik.archives. most of them are tracks of mine or recorded by me, or aroused in my presence etcetera. (me - Wojciech Kucharczyk, the mik.keeper is writing this). these tracks, if you listen closely, will reveal some of the mik.musik.soul. i and we never knew what exactly it can be, would be, what it was, what it will be, and because this lack of knowledge it was decided to be called mik.musik.!.
all tracks building this compilation are previously unreleased or appeared only in promotional or live material, or in very limited (in every sense) way. so for the first time ever is possible for the public to "own" them now. i hope this fact can spice up your life a bit, at least for a while. and die-hard fans will be glad anyway as the usually were. and this is good. good is good.

here in this archive/s i want to show albums, tracks, eps, sps, lps and so on which were available in small runs or on forgotten/out-of-fashion media (sometimes can happen that this IS the fashion for some reason), also i want to show some releases which are sold out since ages, but some public demand is visible still, so i would like to fill-in such joyous needs. i would like to make also special compilations with live recordings, radio live appearances, maybe even interviews etc. what more - future will tell.
rather please don't expect that i will put here all the releases we outed. no. some of them were sticked to special moment in time, some to special media, like cd-r boom for example, some are out of reach, some authors disappeared and all other possible stories. but what will be revealed, will be revealed consciously, with all necessary reflexion and premeditation. and, of course, if any inquiries - just feel free, i listen.

albums and tracks will be sold cheap, most of them in "name your price" system, with low limit (not free, completely free is not good), some releases can be sometimes more expensive, because of the time-consuming way of preparing, remastering, digitalizing etc. in some cases, seems to be, part of profits will go to charity. also with some releases first 5 to 10 downloads, depending, will be for free. i think on bandcamp it all can be easy and transparent, and comfortable for you.

Some time I have written here: "Mik.Musik.!. as a label is defunct since late 2008. but i never ever said - "this is it". i think this special past can not finish so quickly, so easily. some doors are definitely closed, but some shelves are still open and full of good, vibrant stuff. and in the end i feel obliged to keep all these active memorabilia visible and audible for as long as possible, using all modern hi-tech possibilities, reaching new audiences, new people, new fans. Mik.Musik.!. was great, great in our very own sense, and still can be. right now i prefere word "IS". complicated idea, freaky ideology, logic is hidden, english is monkey? hey, but you know, this is Mik, so what would you expect?". AND YOU KNOW WHAT? MIK MUSIK IS BACK! IS BACK! IS BACK! No i write - MIK MUSIK WAS DEFUNCT late 2008 - early 2012. WE WORK! So stick with us!

cult, legendary, one-of-a-kind - who cares?

Wojciech Kucharczyk

czemu nie po polsku? przepraszam, tak sie zawsze jakos skladalo, ze po angielsku wiecej przynosilo w mikowej historii. uwazam tez, ze przecietny mikowy odbiorca z angielskim sobie radzi i tlumaczenie niepotrzebne. czasem bede polskie slowa dawal, oczywiscie, lubie moj jezyk. zatem jak zwykle banalnie powiem - milej zabawy!


released December 10, 2010

all tracks 1987-2010


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Mik.Musik.!. Skoczów, Poland

Mik.Musik.!. very past and very present. ain't no label, ain't no collective. just some expression. action. and freedom.
archives are kept well, some of the treasures you can check here. enjoy. present time is also smart.

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Track Name: Wojciech Kucharczyk (as part of TerriTerrorTorium) for Deuce & 8rolek - Elektro Zapo Fairytale
i used slogan by Urkuma aka Stefano de Santis - "BE PROUD OF YOUR MICRO-PENIS. MIK.MUSIK IS AGAINST THE TECH ENLARGEMENT". tale is mine.
Track Name: The Complainer for THX 1138 movie-tapping - Masses (1)
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my masses.

masses's like heaven.

You know when it's masses.

Don't get in the way of masses.

masses extra dry.

masses, stay in touch.

My Masses to Yours.

Follow your masses.

music for the masses

masses value.

masses takes good care of you.

Passion for masses.

masses, your family will love you.

Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Masses.

The wonder has a name: masses.

masses is my sport.

The Spirit of masses.

Hasta la vista, masses.

My Anti-Drug is Masses.

masses, there's no better way.

Don't play with fire, play with masses.

All you need is masses.

Once Driven, Forever Masses.

masses, one for all.

masses, better than sex.

Be inspired by masses.

Go far with masses.

I trust masses.

See the world with masses.

I'm king of the masses!

masses - be ready.

Nothing to worry about with masses.

masses. See more. Do more.

Don't worry, masses takes care.

The gods made masses.

Houston, we have a masses.

Can you feel it? masses.

could you be more... specific... for the masses?

masses - a class of it's own

What Can Masses Do For You?

My masses, your masses, masses for all!

Praise masses.

Think. Feel. masses.

Nobody puts Masses in a corner.

My way is masses.

I want more, I want masses.

When you say masses you've said it all.

Everything is simple with masses.

Connect with masses.

You wouldn't want to miss masses.

masses - The Revolution.

masses for everyone.

Make the world a better place with masses.

masses never sleeps.

You know when it's masses.

Smart. Beautiful. Masses.

Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Masses.

I'm Only Here For The Masses.

We're on a mission from Masses.

A masses. Shaken, not stirred.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to masses.

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