Molr Drammaz - Kontynent Albo

by Bebniarze z kraju Molr / Molr Drammaz



document of improvised recording session, made in defunct chemistry lab/magazine in Jaworzno on Darwin street, we called that place "Teoria Ewolucji/The Origin Of Species" (it all makes tasty sense!). everything was recorded in the night 12/13 july 1997.
as I recall we mounted special "installation" to catch the sounds kind of "properly, but freaky" (flying carpets, ropes, blankets, slumsy architecture), plus we were walking around the spaces of the whole building to get distant sounds of a natural touch. three dimensional psychedelia or something like that. we even tried to call this way of work "reversed ambient music/ambient odwrotny", now I can say "for unknown reasons".
original recordings here are not edited, we needed to cut it to fit on cassette only (and no other version in hands).
remixes are remixes, this is another story.

part of it was used as soundtrack in TV programme "Bez ZaklUcen" by Adam Sikora. probably it happened in 1997.

remixes made by Jarek Grzesica in his home studio in Tychy.

"RELEASE" date not sure. we actually had it as a demo tape only, so let's say this online release here is first "official" one, years after initial appearance.


MOŁR = correct typo = should be written/printed with special polish diacritic accent, something similar to slash sign coming thru L letter.
MOŁR should be read the same way as is word "more".

"ALBO" can be translated more or less as "OR".


released May 15, 1997

Wojciech Kucharczyk - drums, keys, voice, objects, anti-glass effect; Jacek Tokarski - drums, perc, woodwinds, mock-birds; guest: Jarek Grzesica - additional perc etc, bass guitar, rebirth synthesizer + recordings care + remixing tools.




Mik.Musik.!. Skoczów, Poland

Mik.Musik.!. very past and very present. ain't no label, ain't no collective. just some expression. action. and freedom.
archives are kept well, some of the treasures you can check here. enjoy. present time is also smart.

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Track Name: Molr Drammaz - Piesn odkrywcow kontynentu Albo
title translation: "The Albo Continent Discoverers' Song"
Track Name: Molr Drammaz - Odkrycie kontynentu Albo
title translation: "The Discovery of Albo Continent"

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